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Geomagic Design X is used for reverse engineering. The advanced software combines 3D modelling functions with data processing obtained from the 3D scanning process. Based on data from eviXscan 3D scanners, users can create fully parametric and editable models in a format compatible with CAD software.

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geomagic control software

Geomagic Control is designed to work with contactless devices and modular system for measurement. The software supports point cloud data obtained from measurements of complex parts, allowing quality control of even the most complex parts. Geomagic Control can analyse data from 3D scanners.

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spaceclaim software

SpaceClaim is a powerful software programme for is a program for reverse engineering. The software can create parametric CAD models based on the data supplied from the 3D scanner being used. Furthermore, SpaceClaim enables 3D visualisation, computation and advanced preparations for 3D printing.

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leios 2 software

Leios 2 software provides the easiest, fastest, most powerful and affordable route from your 3d scanner to CAD. With Leios it’s possible to acquire data-sets from any kind of 3D scanner, to transform the point cloud data into a 3D model easily and quickly.

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